JMK Remodeling, LLC

Jody Michael Kenote
Owner & Team Leader
Licensed General Contractor
Master Carpenter

5910 Bloomingdale Terr
Rockville, MD 20852

Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

MD General Contractor
License #106429
1.  Initial Meeting Occurs.
     We respond quickly and schedule a meeting to discuss your project, eyeball your space, need for permit or
     architectural drawing, your budget range, and the kind of materials you have in mind.  Measurements are taken.

2.  Transparent, Written Estimate with Detailed Scope of Work.

     Depending on the complexity of the project and how many trades people need to also be involved, a written estimate
     is generally provided within one week.  We break out each line item cost, so you can see where your money is going.

3.  Estimate is Discussed, Modified, & Finalized.
     If your vision exceeds your budget, we can discuss ways to bring down the cost, either by reducing the scope of
     work or modifying your choice of materials, as both can drive costs.  We tell UP FRONT the kinds of things that can
     trigger a Change Order and increase you can make informed choices in advance.  Our goal is the same as
     your goal: to bring your project in line with your budget. 

4.  Contract Issued.
     Our contract is straight-forward and written in plain English.  It will be a direct reflection of the agreed-upon scope
     of work and elements broken out by price.  It will also outline payment terms and timing, and the whys behind them.

                                            JMK Remodeling, LLC

5. Change Orders.
     Nobody likes surprises...including us.  We try to anticipate all costs in the Estimating process, which is why we
     provide such detailed estimates, broken out by element.  If something is uncovered or you add a new element
     that is beyond the contracted Scope of Work, the work flow process will stop.  We will discuss the issue with
     you, recommend a solution, identify any additional costs associated with it, issue a Change Order for your
     approval and signature, and collect payment before the work process continues.  This is a Best Practices in
     the remodeling industry, designed to protect all parties.

6.  Permits. 

     We only work with the proper permits.  Attempting to circumvent the permitting process to save a few hundred
     dollars is foolish....mostly for the customer.  The County inspection process is there for a very good reason. 
     You must have proper permits in place to make sure your renovation is covered in your home owner's insurance
     should anything happen down the line.  You will also need to produce permits when you sell your home.

7.  Construction & Inspections.
     Your approved plan is constructed to exact specifications.  We work with County and/or City inspectors to
     secure approvals at different inspection/approval stages of the construction process, as needed.
8.  Preliminary Walk-Through, Punch List, Completion & Final Walk-Through.
     Near the very end of the process, we will schedule a Preliminary Walk-Through with you.  At that time, we can
     develop a Punch List together, which itemizes little things you would like modified on the project to make you
     completely happy.  We will do the work on the Punch List and then schedule a Final Walk-Through with you. 
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